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Canvas PreviewWelcome to the Library Course Pages. A course page consists of library resources curated specifically for your course by a Polk librarian. The resources may include research databases, journals, books, videos, tutorials, 24/7 live chat and more.  Now Course Pages is fully integrated into Canvas. Please send any questions or comments to




FAQs for Faculty & Instructors


What is a Course Page?

A Course Page is a page of academic resources relevant to your course curated by a librarian.  By default your course in Canvas will be provided "general" resources picked automatically based off the course title and subject.  These resources are best guesses. To get the best resources for your course, please follow the "How to get started" below. 


How to get started?

To have a library course page curated for your course, please visit your Canvas course.  By default Polk Library should be in your course navigation.  Select Polk Library and the "general" resources will load with 24/7 chat.  To get resources curated for your course, simply click the blue "Request Enhanced Library Resources" button.

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How do I edit the course page?

Each library course page is curated by a librarian specifically for your course. If you would like any changes, please contact your course librarian.


What if Polk Library is not in my Canvas course navigation?

By default Polk Library is active in your course navigation.  If it is not there, it was removed by someone editing your course.  To restore it go to Settings > Navigation.  Drag the Polk Library item up from the hidden items.  Click save.

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